Sausage and Baked Beans ~ Jamaican Recipe (LG)

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Sausage and Beans ~ Jamaican Recipe


Serves 4

Prep and cook time: 10 mins




  • 1  Slice chicken frankfurters and set aside.

  • 2  Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan, add frankfurters to the pan and stir continuously and heat through for about 1/2 minute.

  • 3  Add baked beans to frankfurters in a frying pan.

  • 4  Add black pepper, garlic powder, and chopped scallion and cook for approximately 2 minutes.


  • Serve with boiled food or fried dumplings, fried breadfruit, or fried plantains. Can be had for lunch or dinner with white rice. (1-3 sides)
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