Devon Cream Clotted Cream 6 Oz

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55% M.F. Serve with scones and strawberry jam for a perfect cream tea. Try with apple pie, pancakes, berries & waffles. Product of England.


6 servings per container
Serving size
(1 onz)

Amount per 1 onz

% DV
23% Total Fat 15g
0% Trans Fat 0.5g
15% Cholesterol 45mg
0% Sodium 5mg
0% Total Carbs 1g


Pasteurized Clotted Cream, from Cow’s Milk.


Best kept refrigerated. Storage: This cream has a long life unopened. To serve at its best keep refrigerated and use within 5 days of opening. Do not freeze. Separation may occur, this is normal – just stir gently. Refrigerate after opening. See side for best before date.

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