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Treat your family to the cold, creamy goodness of Horizon Organic Whole Milk with High Vitamin D. Rich, delicious taste isn?t the only thing that makes this milk special: it?s also wonderfully wholesome and made to meet the highest USDA Organic standards. Each serving provides many nutrients, including calcium, vitamin A, and 8 grams of protein. Plus, this organic milk delivers 50% more vitamin D per serving than conventional whole milk,** helping support strong bones.

*Horizon Organic Whole Milk has 4.5 mcg and 25% vitamin D (this is 10% more of the daily value). Typical whole milk has 2.5 mcg and 15% vitamin D. USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, release 28. Data consistent with typical whole milk.
More than 20 years ago, we became the first company to supply organic milk nationwide?and we?ve remained committed to the organic movement ever since. Our USDA Certified Organic products are made with non-GMO ingredients, from cows that are given no antibiotics, no persistent pesticides, and no added hormones.
We strive to do good by our cows, too: they spend much of their time out in the pasture where they feel most at home, and graze on a diet that includes organic grass. It?s all part of our commitment to making better choices for ourselves, our cows, and our planet. *No significant difference has been shown between milk from rbST-treated & non rbST-treated cows.


About 8 serving per container
Serving size
(1 cup)

Amount per 1 cup

% DV
10% Total Fat 8g
12% Cholesterol 35mg
6% Sodium 135mg
5% Total Carbs 13g
16% Protein 8g
10% vitamin a 90mcg
25% calcium 310mg
0% iron
8% potassium 410mg
25% vitamin d 4.5mcg
30% riboflavin 0.4mg
50% vitamin b12 1.2mcg
20% phosphorus 240mg


Grade A Organic Milk, Vitamin D3 (Ingredient in Excess of Amount Permitted in Regular Milk).


Perishable. Keep Refrigerated.
Best if opened by sell-by date and used within 7 days.

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