Lightlife Tempeh, Original, Plant Based Superfood 8 Oz

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Lightlife? Original Organic Tempeh is a versatile and delicious plant-based protein source for vegans and flexitarians alike. Made with only three ingredients, our tempeh can add a guilt-free protein boost to any meal. However you marinate, season, saut?, or bake it, our original tempeh adds balanced flavor to your cuisine of choice, making it perfect for grain bowls, rice dishes, salads, and more. For over 40 years, the Lightlife? brand has been committed to creating delicious and nutritious plant-based meat alternatives and looking for ways to improve the impact we have on the planet.


About 2.5 serving per container
Serving size
(3 onz)

Amount per 3 onz

% DV*
6% Total Fat 4.5g
4% Total Carbs 12g
36% Protein 18g
6% calcium 90mg
10% iron 2mg
6% potassium 300mg
0% vitamin d
* Contains: Soy.


Cultured Organic Soybeans (Soybeans, Lactic Acid from Plant Sources), Water, Organic Brown Rice.


To Cook: Cut into 1/4 inch thick slices; pan fry in a moderate amount of hot oil until crispy brown around the edges.
Try it in a stir fry, crumbled in tacos, or over a salad.
Keep refrigerated.

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