Oscar Mayer Cheese Dogs, Original 16 Oz

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Estd 1883. Fully cooked. Not preserved.


10 servings per container
Serving size
(1 lk)

Amount per 1 lk

% DV*
15% Total Fat 10g
10% Cholesterol 30mg
18% Sodium 420mg
0% Total Carbs 1g
0% Protein 6g
* Choking warning: For children under 4, cut hot dogs lengthwise and crosswise into small bite-sized pieces. Children should always be seated and supervised while eating. www.kraftkidssafe.com. Contains: Milk.


Mechanically Separated Turkey, Mechanically Separated Chicken, Pork, Water, Pasteurized Prepared Cheddar Cheese Product (Milk, Water, Milk Protein Concentrate, Milk Fat, Whey Protein Concentrate, Sodium Phosphate, Salt, Sodium Alginate, Sorbic Acid as a Preservative, Apocarotenal [Color], Enzymes, Cheese Culture), Contains Less than 2% of Distilled White Vinegar, Dextrose, Salt, Corn Syrup, Cultured Celery Juice (Ingredients Used to Support Quality), Sodium Phosphate, Cherry Powder, Flavor.


Heating Directions: Stove: Add up to 10 cheese dogs to saucepan of boiling water. Return to boil; cover remove from heat; let stand 7 min or until cheese dogs are heated through (cheese will be hot). Microwave: Place 1 cheese dog on paper towel microwave on high 15 sec, or until heated through. (cheese will be hot).
Keep refrigerated below 40 degrees F at all times.
For best quality purchase and use by date on zipper. Once opened use within 7 days.

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