President Butter, Sea Salt

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With sea salt crystals. President butter with sea salt crystals is a high quality French butter for the gourmet. The skillful blending of cream with genuine sea salt crystals produces a decadent butter with a simply delicious taste. Made in a small village in Normandy, this particular shape takes its inspiration from traditional butter in France. Ready to serve packaging, easy to open and close for added convenience. Made from pasteurized cow’s milk. Imported from France. Made in Normandy.


18 servings per container
Serving size
(1 tbsp)

Amount per 1 tbsp

% DV*
17% Total Fat 11g
10% Cholesterol 30mg
4% Sodium 100mg
* Contains milk.


Pasteurized Cream, Cultures, Salt.


Twist to close/open. Keep refrigerated. To Open: Twist lid in an anti-clockwise direction. To Close: Align spacing on lid with hooks on spray. Twist lid in a clockwise directions. Keep Refrigerated: +46 degrees F max.

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